Fall 2015 Update on Iran Musings Submissions

It has been some time since we last posted, and the Iran Musings submission deadline has now come and gone. We were amazed and heartened by the outpouring of submissions to the anthology. Due to the high volume, we will need to take the next month or so to sort through everything and communicate with each of the writers individually. Once we have a better sense of how the anthology is taking shape, we will make the final decisions for inclusion and can start posting excerpts of the pieces online (with the individual writers’ permission).

It’s staggering how much has changed since we first began thinking of curating the Iran Musings anthology. When this project was still in its infancy, the Iran Deal was very much up in the air. Unfortunately, these days, the news is filled less with hopeful talk about the lifting of sanctions and more with stories of journalists, poets, and other creatives being arrested, seemingly on a daily basis. Indeed, it’s clearer than ever just how vital a project Iran Musings is. The fact that so many writers from our community–not to mention those who are connected to it more indirectly–were brave enough to share their work with us is nothing short of inspiring. Although we still have a lot more to read, what we’ve read thus far affirms the level of talent and creativity that’s thriving among Iranians of the diaspora. There are so many stories to be shared, and so much that deserves a voice. We hope that Iran Musings can deliver on both those fronts. Stay tuned!


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