Exploring Iranian Identity: An Upcoming Opportunity for Writers

Hello, friends! We want to announce an exciting upcoming opportunity that might be of interest to those of you in the Bay Area.

Several years ago, we had the great fortune of attending a writer’s workshop entitled “Exploring Iranian Identity.” The workshop, taught by the wonderful Persis Karim and Anita Amirrezvani–both esteemed writers and educators–was life changing for us. Not only was it where the first seeds of the Iran Musings anthology were planted, but it was also the first time either of us had been surrounded by other writers who were similarly interested in Iran and what it means to be Iranian. Over the course of two glorious days, we discussed work by published Iranian writers, crafted new writing through guided exercises, had our work critiqued in a safe and supportive space, and, most importantly, made lasting friendships.

We are excited to share the news that Persis and Anita are holding another session of the “Exploring Iranian Identity” workshop! Held on two consecutive Sundays this November (11/6 and 11/13), the workshop will take place at the Persian Center in Berkeley, CA. For more information, please see the flyer below or visit the Exploring Iranian Identity Facebook page. You will receive a $50 discount for registering early:  https://goo.gl/forms/bFRJ2M92jVr7jZkN2 Please spread the word!

Persis and Anita are two of the loveliest and most supportive individuals we know, and we are confident that you will benefit immensely from their extensive teaching and publishing experience. Our participation in this workshop has enriched our writing and our personal lives, and we cannot recommend it highly enough. If you have questions about registration, please email persisk@yahoo.com or workshops@anitaamirrezvani.com.

As Iranian writers of the diaspora, we have much to say but often have few spaces in which to feel comfortable, supported, and validated doing so. We believe passionately that our voices–our stories–should be heard.




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