Call for submissions!

Iran Musings: Stories and Memories from the Iranian Diaspora

edited by Leila Emery & Katherine Whitney

(with an introduction by Persis Karim)

Seeking creative nonfiction (personal essays or memoir) pieces, preferably as yet unpublished, that address the experiences of Iranians in the US and their connections and disconnections to Iran and its culture. Writing does not have to be by Iranians only; it can also include the work of spouses of Iranians, bi-cultural children, and those who have lived or worked in Iran and feel some connection to the people and place. Writing must be in English (no translations, please) and can address any of the following themes:

Leaving, Exile, and Migration

Loss and Replacement

Straddling Two Worlds


Having a Voice

Defining One’s “Iranianness”

Family: Elders, Relatives, and the “Community”


Email your submissions to the editors at as a Word doc (double-spaced, 12 pt. font, no more than 15 pages).

DEADLINE: October 1, 2015. As we receive submissions, we will post short excerpts of those that have been selected for inclusion in the anthology. We will seek out a publisher over the next year with an eye towards publishing this anthology in 2016.